5 Point Preparation Strategy For Upcoming Ibps Exams

2017-08-19 22:32:03

Indian Banking Personnel Selection, commonly known as the IBPS exam is the only national entrance exam for getting access to a career in National banks at various cadres. IBPS is conducted in two levels which are named as the Common Written Exam (CWE) and the interview. The students who qualify in the CWE are then open to interviews for the final selection list. So, it is obvious that the biggest competition is from the level of Written Exam and it needs a special preparation strategy for winning ahead of the competition. Further, the written exam has the syllabus from Logical Reasoning, Quantitative aptitude, English, and computer knowledge which needs to be strategically focussed to gain a competitive edge over rest of the applicants. The following 5 point strategy program is recommended for an IBPS aspirant to steer his way ahead of the stiff competition which is an essential part of this exam.

  • Competitive English which comes in the IBPS needs most focussed study for most of the applicant and it can be used to score more in less time when compared to that of the other sections like Quantitative Aptitude. The most important strategy to hit the English part of this exam is to develop a progressive reading habit. Along with regular reading, a focussed collection of difficult words encountered can help a lot for Synonyms and Antonyms section of the IBPS common written exam.
  •  Topic-wise preparation of computer knowledge section is again a very crucial aspect of the suggested strategy for those students who are not well versed with this section. As Computer Science itself is a vast topic, it is better to develop a forte on only those parts of it which are extremely relevant as per the IBPS common written exam’s syllabus.
  • The reasoning and aptitude sections can be mastered only with a gradual learning process which requires at least 3-4 hours of practice for the entire tenure of the preparation. This is an ongoing process which helps a lot in the long terms scenarios.
  •  Adequate study material and expert guidelines for tackling various segments of the syllabus for the entire above mentioned course elements isagain very important for getting ahead of the competition.
  • Lastly, Time is the key to strive ahead of the rest of pack. Although, it is said slow and steady wins the race but in IBPS a steady preparation strategy marked by a fast pace attempt at the exam just does the job for the student.